The ultimate thermometer – again!

Category: Tools, News | Skrivet: Mar 14, 2018

PERFECT thermometer PS

Our campaign to create the world's best kitchen thermometer is up and running again on Kickstarter. Join up and support us (again!) in making PERFECT – the ultimate kitchen thermometer – come true!

Our former campaign attempt was a success and we reached our financing goal but we had to put it on hold because we didn't have a "functioning prototype", which was a prerequisite from Kickstarter.

But the project has gone according to the original plan and we now have a prototype to showcase (see picture and film on Kickstarter). And therefore we are relaunching our campaign.

Join again!

Please be aware that even if you supported our campaign the last time, you have to join all over again to get the thermometer. (You were never charged the last time.) Please support us:

To the Kickstarter campaign!

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