Kitchen tweezers 300 mm

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    Get a better grip

    • Wider handle for improved stability
    • Metal wedge for an open maw and better pinch
    • Stable, long (11,8") and pointed
    • 100 percent stainless steel, a durable and perfect material for handling food

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    The chef's extended reach

    Kitchen tweezers are somewhat smaller than grill tweezers, but just as useful. The idea is the same: To extend the chef's hand when handling food being subjected to heat or other forms of cooking.

    Easy grip tweezers

    Our quality tweezers can grip everything from a grain of rice to a steak – at the same time requiring little strength to “pinch”.

    Outstanding stability

    The slightly increased width of the handle makes PS kitchen tweezers more stable. Thinner tweezers – above all those made of plastic – have a risky tendency to “scissor” when you grasp a weighty object. This will not happen with your tweezers from PS.

    Steel requires steel

    The same tapering design as seen in other products from PS. When using the tweezers, remember that steel utensils can cause damage when used in pans made from other, less resistant materials.

    Tips from the pros included:

    With every product from professional Secrets comes a booklet with tips and knowledge on how to get the most out of your kitchen tool, like a pro. Some examples:

    • Kitchen tweezers are handy for gripping a variety of ingredients, from peas to pork chops.
    • Tweezers that bend and collaps are a nuisance in the kitchen – sometimes a danger.
    • It is ok to spear the food with your tweezers, as if using a fork.


    Material:  Brushed stainless steel

    Dimensions: 300mm (11,8")

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