Small chef's knife 26 cm

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    Designed for "the chef's grip"

    • A unique handle created for “the chef’s grip”
    • Shorter and also lighter than Large chef's knife
    • Designed in Sweden, made of Sandvik Steel.
    • Optimal hardness for all-round kitchen work.
    • Protective canvas sheath included

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    Which knife you choose to use for what purpose is personal. A larger chef’s knife gives you more weight and stability, a smaller one makes it easier to carry out finicky work. Any knife from PS can be honed to extreme sharpness and stays sharp.

    Large and small

    With the large chef’s knife and the small chef’s knife in your arsenal you can solve most tasks in the kitchen.

    Grip it like a pro

    A professional cook grips the knife far up on the handle so that the index finger and the thumb “pinch” the blade. PS chef ’s knife was designed to be perfectly suited for “the chef ’s grip”. The handle has a slight waist for better grip.

    Form follows function

    The glass fiber material is heat resistant. The tapering design is not only attractive and ergonomic, it also eliminates potential “dirt traps”.

    Tips from the pros included:

    With every product from professional Secrets comes a booklet with tips and knowledge on how to get the most out of your kitchen tool, like a pro. Some examples:

    • Form the other hand like a "claw" and use nails and knuckles to guide the blade.
    • Every cook has a personal angle when applying the honing steel and it will affect the knife edge. Having the same person always do it is a good idea.
    • Hand wash if possible. Abrasive materials in machine detergents can wear down the edge and handle.


    Material: Blade – Sandvik® SanEdgeTM Steel, hardness 56-58 HRC

    Handle – Glass fiber, sheath – canvas

    Dimensions: Blade length 148mm (5,8"), total length 260mm (10,2")

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