Beef - Picanha
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A Brazilian cut that is increasingly popular in western restaurants and in well-stocked butchers and meat stores. It is situated high up on the rump of the animal. It is tender and tasty and is only retrieved from animals of the highest quality.

Keep in mind

The name is pronounced “picanja”.

How to cook picanha

After cooking, give the meat plenty of time to reach room temperature. Picanha is popular because it is juicy and tasty. For it to be perceived as tender as possible, you should divide it in long slices/steaks by cutting against the muscle fibers. 

Dry and rub in a generous amount of salt – most of it will run off in the grill or saucepan. When grilling, be aware that burnt pepper has an unpleasant taste. Better to add pepper when you have taken the meat away from the direct heat.

Do not remove the tasty fat when you prepare picanha, let the guests leave it on the plate. Remember that this cut that sheds a lot of fat while cooking.

Allow to rest before serving.

The classic

Grilled in one piece on a skewer and served in thin, freshly cut slices at the table, like they do in Brazil.

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