Lamb - Lamb shank
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Cook the whole shank in the oven until the meat falls off the bone. The shank can also be grilled after cooking, to get a tasty surface.

Keep in mind

What you buy in the store can be front- or back shank. This piece contains a lot of bone and the meat shrinks when cooking. Calculate one shank per person.

How to cook lamb shank

This cut is rich in collagen and fat, hence a lot of flavor. The best way to cook the meat is slowly and at low temperatures, resulting in very smooth and tender, very tasty dark meat.

Cook at 150° centigrade or less.

Simply using salt, olive oil, pepper, garlic and a dash of wine can enhance the rich taste of the shank. Or you can match the raw material with highly aromatic spices from the Orient, such as cinnamon and ginger.

The classic

Oven braised lamb shank. A splash of wine in whatever color you want and a few cloves of garlic are all that is needed.

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