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Can be roasted whole in the oven or cut into lamb chops if the rack is cut lengthwise. The meat is encapsulated in flavoring fat and bone and becomes most tasty with short preparation. It should be served pink inside.

Keep in mind

Calculate four to six single or two to three double chops per person.

How to cook whole loin of lamb

This large cut with plenty of bone will take a little time to heat up. Take it out of the fridge at least two hours before cooking.

Sear the loin to give it a tasty surface. Then use a thermometer and let it reach perfect temperature in a warm oven.

If preparing cutlets or chops, subject them to high heat for a very short period of time. They probably don't have to spend any time in the oven to reach the right internal temperature, a warm place close to your stove will probably suffice.

With respect to the raw material: Do not experiment with the meat, experiment with the accessories. The beautiful lamb chops make it easy to compose an appetizing plate.

The classic

Oven-baked whole loin of lamb with cloves of garlic tucked into the meat. Let the meat rest before cutting the entire fillets from the bone, replacing them, and serving...

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