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Loin fillet of lamb

These cuts come from each side of the deboned lamb rack. The meat is tender and delicious – but thin slices are easily overcooked and become dry.

Keep in mind

Names for this cut can be a bit confusing. The bigger loin fillet of lamb is the equivalent of the sirloin on beef. The actual tenderloin on a lamb is so small that it barely adds up to a single portion.

How to cook loin fillet of lamb

Remove the meat from the fridge in good time. Dry if necessary, and season with freshly ground black pepper and salt. Apply a thin layer of olive oil with a brush.

The tender, fine meat of the fillet is lean and it is better to fry them – in a frying pan or a grill pan – than to grill them. Keep in mind that they are so small that the cooking time is a matter of seconds rather than minutes.

Don't fidget with the meat when it is in the pan. You want a good, tasty sear.

Cut the meat into pretty slices, about a centimeter (half an inch) thick, before serving. For the right cook, see our universal temperature guide.

Creamy gratins are a good method to enhance the delicious, but lean taste of the meat by adding more fat.

If you are not so keen on carbohydrates, serve with a rustic ratatouille.

The classic

Fried with great care to a maximum temperature of 54°C (129°F).

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