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The finest cut on the duck. They are delicious if correctly prepared – as well as beautiful on the plate.

Keep in mind

The skin is fatty and the meat is rich. When it comes to duck, a lot is about arranging an appetizing presentation.

How to cook duck breast

Duck breast loses its juiciness if you cook it past medium rare. The inner temperature should reach no more than 60°C after it has been taken from the heat and left to rest.

The key to a perfect duck breast is to achieve a crispy skin. Cut a decorative square pattern on the skin side so that salt and spices can penetrate. Fry the duck breast with the skin side downwards in a hot pan without fat. The fat from the duck itself will immediately trickle out. Flip the fillets just before putting them in the oven for the final stage of cooking. The end result will be a crispy and beautiful skin.

The classic

The duck breast is traditionally served with an orange or cherry sauce, but a classic red wine sauce with hints of both sweetness and sourness works just as well. Decorate with colorful “fillets” of orange in different shapes.

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