Veal - Kalvinnanlår
Where on animal


Is also called the schnitzel piece and can be used in various ways, especially for dishes that require thin slices of tender, fine veal meat.

Keep in mind

Is often called veal steak or Vienna schnitzel in the store. “Steak” is a term that is about cooking, not anatomy. A steak can be cut out in different ways.

How to cook veal silverside

Thinly sliced inner thigh of veal equals the minute steak of beef. It can be braised to roulades with a mild seasoning.

An entire piece of veal inner thigh is suitable for cooking "sous vide" in vacuum to preserve the mild taste and the juiciness of the meat. Fry before serving to get a tasty surface.

The classic

Vienna schnitzel with lemon, capers and fried potatoes.

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