Lettuce, salad - Gem lettuce
Lettuce, salad


This popular lettuce is often sold in pairs to provide enough for four portions. The head consists of small curly, tightly packed leaves that are less delicate than most types of lettuce.

The flavor is subtle. It’s more interesting for its crunchiness. The leaves are perfect to be used as edible serving dishes if you don’t want to grill or fry your lettuce.

Keep in mind

Shred with a knife or break the leaves off with your fingers. For mouth feel, it’s good if you can include the green parts that are full of flavor and the crunchy bit in the middle. There needs to be a balance.

Keep the lettuce moist with a damp cloth, for example. If it starts to wilt, put it in ice cold water for an hour or two.

Estimate half a head per portion if you’re making a salad.

How to use little gem lettuce

Cut the leaves in half and put them whole or roughly chopped into a green salad if you’re wanting raw food. Otherwise it’s a good idea to put little gem lettuce on the grill or in the frying pan.

Grilling little gem: Remove the outer leaves. Cut the head in two lengthwise and rub the lettuce with olive oil and garlic, for example. Grill for a couple of minutes each side. Make a goat’s cheese or gruyère dip to serve with it.

Frying little gem: Save the outer leaves for a salad. Cut the head into chunks and fry them quickly at a high temperature. Drizzle with a good dressing and enjoy.

The classic

Quickly grilled little gem with goat’s cheese.

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