Root vegetables - Daikon
Root vegetables


A large root that can grow to half a meter long. It can be green, red or black, but the white version is the most common. In shape it looks mostly like an overgrown carrot.

Daikon is a longer relative of the radish known as white radish or icicle radish in English (the family are simply known as radishes). The flavor is milder though.

Keep in mind

Daikon and radishes contain mustard oils which means they can have a “hot” or piquant flavor. How strong the flavor is depends on the variety, size and freshness.

A spiral vegetable slicer creates attractive, long garlands of daikon to use as decoration, before eating them.

How to cook daikon

Due to its fresh flavor, clean white color and appetizing crispiness, daikon is popular in Japanese cuisine. It’s also common in Germany where it’s a perfect accompaniment to sausages.

Everything that works with daikon also works with radishes: Make kimchi or marinate in Asian spices such as soya, sesame oil, garlic, chili, ginger, rice wine vinegar and mirin.

Thinly slice daikon, salt it and leave for a moment. Wipe with kitchen towel and serve with a vinaigrette made with really good olive oil.

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