Customer reviews

"What good quality you have on your products! They will last at least my lifetime if I only take care of them properly. It's like Grandmother's old Husqvarna cast iron frying pan that I have. It only gets better and better year after year!" - Daniel Uusitalo, Luleå

"Thank you very much for really good Mise a place bowls! Perfect with air and waterproof silicone caps. Even outstanding for storage before and after cooking!" - Anders Wikman, Stockholm

"Hello. Now I've tested the knife for a while and think it's really really good. As my partner said after using it for the first time: You feel like a pro. Really a nice knife that has what you want. Smart thoughtful details. One of the best details is the small platform at the knife blade for the index finger.

The weight and balance are absolutely perfect in the hand and the blade has a nice bend that makes it very good to chop. It's a very good knife that you can work for a long time. It is really adapted to one's hand and it feels like an extension of the hand which I always try to find. You have managed to make the perfect knife you want to work with. - Michael Bischofer, Gothenburg

"Hi PS. The weight, heaviness and balance are good. I like it has a real grip, heavy weight. To me it feels more like a "hack knife" than a knife to cut." - Micke Björkman, Stockholm

"Thank you PS. The bread knife I bought is awesome!" - Gösta Lundgren, Malmoe


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