Lettuce growing


A great-looking salad invites the diner in to enjoy everything else on the table. This is where you get to delight in gorgeous colors and shapes that produce a striking first impression as your guests sit down to eat.

Not always green

Red lettuces take on a deeper redder color if they experience cold nights. Lettuces that have white crunchy leaves in the middle will have been tied up to prevent chlorophyll from forming.

Think different

As with most vegetables, the main tip is to think along new lines, think again and think differently. Grilling and frying, for example, will bring out a whole new dimension in your salad. Fruits, seeds and nuts also take the flavor to new heights.

lettuce guide

Grow your own lettuce

Interested in a spot of gardening and growing your own lettuce in pots? Find the ultimate guide on Happy DIY Home, here.

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