Green seaweed

Green algae

Fresh green algae will last about a week in the fridge. Several varieties can be bought dried in Asian supermarkets, in well-stocked supermarkets or online. Some can be used and eaten dry as they come, otherwise soak or simmer them in water before cooking them. This process adds a whole new character to the ingredients.

Estimate that dried algae will swell up to as much as ten times its weight.

Sea lettuce

A green and beautiful seaweed that looks roughly like its name. Fresh sea lettuce can be similar to sorrel. In a dried, crumbled form it can be used to flavor butter.

How to cook sea lettuce

Add plenty of large leaves to a salad of edamame beans, cucumber and avocado. The round, mild flavors of the other ingredients of the salad bring down the flavor of the algae to an appetizing level. A dressing for sea lettuce should ideally be a little piquant and contain mustard, fish sauce, etc.

Make a shellfish cocktail containing sea lettuce. Don’t be stingy on the flavors when it comes to the dressing.

Grass kelp

Thread-like and a beautiful shimmering green color. It’s also known as gutweed, which is a slightly less appealing name.

How to cook grass kelp

Prepare this attractive seaweed as a juicy salad to go with – for example – grilled fish, ideally with Asian flavors such as garlic, lime, soy, fish sauce, sesame (oil and/or seeds) etc.

Dry it and use it to flavor butter. You can also create small, beautiful dried creations with which you garnish fish dishes and soups. If you fry grass kelp, you get a crispy salad that’s popular in China.

“Sea salad mix”

A bag of “Sea salad mix” can be a good way of getting started with algae as an ingredient in your cooking.

Packs of mixed, dried algae are often put together to make the contents look good. Soak the algae in water (unless the pack says otherwise). It’s a good idea to drain and dry off the algae before using in a salad or to flavor and/or garnish a stir fry, soup, stew, etc.



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