• Lots of colors and shapes to choose from
  • The tops are vegetables and a garnish
  • Make a salad

Root vegetables have enjoyed a renaissance recently. One of several reasons for this is that – with the right handling – they look good on a plate.

Add color to the table

Root vegetables don’t just taste good, they can be decorative too – especially carrots and red, yellow and striped beets.

Root vegetables in salads

If you’re not serving root vegetables as the main course or to accompany meat, fish or chicken, why not mix them in a green salad or make an extra side dish that further boosts the taste experience.

Crisp and colorful in purées

Root vegetable purées can taste fantastic but the color can be on the dull side. One way of improving the look is to add some colorful varieties to the recipe – just for the sake of appearance. Another is to garnish with finely chopped green vegetables. Ideally with something crispy that brings out the smooth, delicious flavors.

Don’t throw away the tops

Mangolds – whose leaves often turn up in mixed leaves for salads – are closely related to beetroot. Use the small and tender tops from beetroot and celeriac for example. Fry and season or make a salad packed with flavors and colors.

Try to see things differently, like seeing the tops as a salad.
– Joel Aronsson, Fäviken, Krakas Krog

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