Straight from the pros

We are not professional chefs, but we love cooking. However, our sources of information, inspirers, advisors, designers and role models are professional chefs! Their credibility is our credibility. This is the foundation of every “secret” we reveal and every product that comes out of Professional Secrets.

Our chefs have Swedish origin and have been brought up in the Scandinavian kitchen (although most of them also have long and distinguished international careers).

Developed with professional chefs

All our kitchen tools and dining accessories have been developed in close collaboration with our network of professional chefs and restaurateurs. And every product comes with knowhow and tips from said professionals. By spreading this knowledge we hope to inspire more home cooks to make great food from scratch with outstanding ingredients and to enjoy great meals with their loved ones.

Sustainability in the kitchen

We have a thing about sturdy, traditional materials. We only use sustainable, high quality materials in our kitchen tools and dining accessories. This is not only better for the environment, having many years of getting acquainted with excellent kitchen tools also makes the user a better cook. And wear and tear makes leather, linen and kanvas look better and better...

Designed in Sweden

Traditional Swedish design stands for “less is more”, functionality and quality. In our case it also stands for the international reputation enjoyed by Scandinavian chefs. Professional kitchens in Sweden and Svcandinavia harbour world-class knowledge and world-class chefs.

Our method for developing new products:

  • Our source is always one and the same: Outstanding chefs. With their help we evaluate what is worth spreading from the professional sphere.
  • Together we extract knowledge and develop products that live up to the brand Professional Secrets.
  • Through design, choice of material and production methods we aim for the best function and/or beauty at the best price. The goal is professional quality. If necessary, we make small changes that also work for a home cook.
  • The best ratings we can get is when the pros themselves use our products.

Our products:

  • Should be good enough for professional chefs.
  • Should be durable and environmentally sustainable.
  • Should be easy to clean.


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