• Think onion for the eyes
  • Add fried onion last for the aroma
  • Just red onion on the plate if that’s where you want it

The onions that form the basis of most of the world’s slow cooking are there for their flavor, not their looks. But red onion, chives and crisp spring onions are a feast for the eyes as well.

Red onion loses its color when cooked, but in a colorless stew you might go for decorative bits of spring onion (put them in late) instead of colorless frying onions for example (although those taste good and are definitely juicy).

Fried onion last

Add quickly fried crispy onion last of all. That way you get as much of the scent, flavors and crispiness on the plate as possible.

Roasted onion

This is the classic with hot dogs and is a better garnish than you might think. It goes beautifully with a silky smooth root vegetable purée.

Onion in pickling solution

Pickled onion is suddenly on everyone’s plates and everyone’s tongue. This might be because of the Food Trucks trend, where a little picked onion as a topping for a taco, baguette, pitta, etc. is an easy way to wake up the taste buds. It’s a trend worth following.

Serving red onion

Red onion is perfect for adding a decorative touch to the plate. You’ll find it in salads and pickles in all the cuisines of the world. Use the red color for decoration by all means – but make sure that the flavor is right for your dish too.

It’s just there because it’s red.
– Per Renhed is skeptical about the overuse of red onion.

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