game sausage PS

Go wild this christmas

Dec 08, 2016

Game – the best meat in the world – is healthy, lean, and has little impact on the environment. Even the WWF recommends game before other meats. So how about taking a walk on the wild side this christmas?

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sauces with fish PS

Don't forget the sauce

Dec 02, 2016

A professional chef will tell you that fish is all about freshness, nothing beats today's catch. But what is also true is that the right sauce with fish can work wonders...

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How to store fish

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Chile PS

Chili revisited

Nov 17, 2016

"The 11 ultimate rules of Chili" were written down during a chili festival in New York in 2001. We have featured this epic event before, but we thought it was time to remind you of the 11 rules that make a great chili.

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cook vegetables PS

Cooking veggies like a pro

Nov 10, 2016

It is no longer a secret that we need to eat more vegetables (and less meat) for our own health and for the health of our planet. But how do you – for real – cook a satisfying meal with only vegetables?

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