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A flavor called umami

Oct 26, 2016

Umami, the fifth basic flavor, is a Japanese word meaning "savory". With an improved grasp of this basic flavor you will be able to boost many of your dishes – not least vegetarian ones.

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How to cook sweetbread

Oct 19, 2016

Sweetbread is a gland located in the throat of suckling calves (and other mammals) and is considered a delicacy. We asked a couple of professional chefs about their best secrets on how to cook it.

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How to store fish

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grilled fish

Grill fish like a pro

Jul 05, 2016

Getting a great result when grilling fish is easy – but the actual handling on the grill itself can be a bit tricky. See what the pros have to say:

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Sweet potato

Is sweet potato really a potato?

Jun 03, 2016

No, sweet potatoes are not related to potatoes at all. Thay are root tubers from a South American climbing plant that also has edible leaves. However, sweet potatoes are good stuff. But how do you cook them? We asked the pros and here are some of their tips:

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