• Cut tomatoes lose their flavor
  • Boost flavor with sugar, sourness, salt
  • Red tomatoes boost appetite

Tomatoes have a completely natural appealing red color that makes it easy to present a beautiful dish, but there are other things to think about too:

Fleeting flavor

Don’t cut raw tomatoes up too far in advance. The delicious flavors don’t last and won’t get as far as your guests.

Add flavor to tomatoes

Don’t be afraid of adding flavor to tomatoes with a dash of acidity from a lemon, sea salt or a pinch of sugar. Especially if your tomatoes aren’t of the highest quality.

Think Bloody Mary

Alcohol also boosts the best and tastiest aspects of a tomato. The alcohol reacts with the acidity in the tomato, drawing out fruity flavors. As well as wine in a tomato sauce, try a tablespoon of vodka in a fresh tomato salsa.

Tomato and lovage

This plant is a hidden gem in the herb garden. Try serving it with tomatoes.

Change colors and shapes

Tomatoes tick all the boxes when it comes to vegetables in the kitchen. And they’re good to look at too. Use baby tomatoes, tomato wedges and slices of tomato to add color to hot and cold dishes and salads. There are several colors to choose from, after all.

Tomato sauce looks appealing

The longer the tomatoes simmer, the deeper and more appetizing the flavor and the smell. And with some aromatic, green Mediterranean herbs…

Love apples

If the conversation runs out when you’re serving tomatoes, you can always mention that tomatoes used to be known as “love apples”. Another conversation starter is that the tomato plant – but not tomatoes themselves – contains a toxin called tomatine.

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