Niklas Wakeus, Professional Secrets

Go pro in your own kitchen!

Professional Secrets was born from a simple idea: Passionate home cooks like ourselves want nothing more than to be able to cook like the pros. That is why we have made it our business to make tips and tools from the professional kitchen available for everyone who loves to cook.

All products from Professional Secrets, from the pot on the kitchen stoves to the accessories on the dining table, have been perfected by professional chefs in collaboration with top designers.

Inspiration from the pros not only makes cooking more fun, it also leads to positive effects outside the kitchen: A demand for quality produce, better conditions for livestock, and a better use of resources – resulting in less food waste.

Go pro in your own kitchen!

Niklas Wakeus, founder and foodie

(Pictured wearing apron, kitchen tweezers and side towel from Professional Secrets. The hat is a souvenir from Namibia.)

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