A list of suitable temperatures will never be watertight, there are simply too many opinions on the matter. But here we have still made an effort to sum it all up and you may see the list below as guidance. It's a start, and then you can find your own truths. 

56° C recommended

For most game meats – not least the once with an intense game character, whether big, small or fowl – a final temperature of 56 degrees centigrade is recommended. At higher temperatures there is always a risk of the meat developing bitter flavors, a bit like badly cooked liver.

Be observant that a higher temperature, 70° C, is recommended for boar which might contain trichinekla parasites. On the other hand, in Sweden for example, all boar meat is tested for trichinella before it can be sold.

 Game meat cooking temperatures:

  Bloody Medium Well done Suggested oven temp
Moose, deer, reindeer & bear joint 55 62 68 125
Wild boar joint   65 70 125
Moose, deer, reindeer & bear fillet 52 57 65 140
Wild boar fillet     65 70 110
Bear entrecote   59-61 65  
Rabbit and hare 52 57 65 140
Ptarmigan, grouse, carcaillie, pigeon 52 53 65 140
Wild duck 52 56 65 120
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