• Mix sorts and colors
  • Dressing last
  • Salad + umami = true

A great-looking salad invites the diner in to enjoy everything else on the table. This is where you get to delight in gorgeous colors and shapes that produce a striking first impression as your guests sit down to eat.

How to serve salad:

The more types of lettuce the better. Save the dressing until last.

Enough dressing

Dressing, whatever sort you’re serving, should bring out the fresh flavors of the lettuce, not drown them. If you’re not sure, let your guests put on their own dressing.

Beautiful bottles

Set out beautiful bottles of oil and vinegar. The guess won’t think you’re handing the work over to them, they’ll just appreciate your fine food. And it will give you something to talk about.

Dressing last

Pour any dressing over the salad just before serving. Otherwise the liquid and the salt in the dressing will mean that the salad loses its crunch and freshness.

A beautiful salad makes for a beautiful meal

It isn’t difficult to create attractive presentation. A bed of colorful lettuce leaves perfectly sets off any kind of protein.

The more the better

Mix different types of lettuce – preferably in different colors – with crunchy elements such as thinly sliced Jerusalem artichokes, carrots, beetroot, radishes or kohlrabi. It makes your salad attractive and fun to eat.

Bitter + umami = true

bitter and umamiare two fundamental flavors that can lift each other to dizzy heights. The bitter element in most types of lettuce goes well with umami, for example, in meat or blue cheese.

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