Chef Goran Trninic in action

Everything you wanted to know about umami

Feb 15, 2017

Welcome to "All about taste" for everything you ever wanted to know about umami and the other basic tastes.

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Potatoes in the oven PS

At least 19 ways of cooking potatoes

Feb 09, 2017

It's easy to get stuck when trying to come up with new and exciting ways of serving potatoes, but why? These popular spuds can be cooked in – at least – 19 different ways.

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Chef's Secrets revealed

The best professional chefs in the best restaurants reveal their trade secrets behind creating a great meal.

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All about veggies on PS!

To Chef de Partie vegetables >

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Lobstertime >

How to store fish

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deep fried chicken PS

The art of deep fried chicken

Feb 01, 2017

What can the pros teach you about covering chicken in batter and plungeing it into boiling oil?

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wine PS

The basics when choosing wine

Jan 26, 2017

First and foremost choosing the right wine to go with your food is about getting it right with the basic flavors.

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