The ultimate thermometer gets an "A"

Category: Tools, Inspiring, News | Skrivet: Nov 27, 2018

Ultimate thermometer Dining out - eating in

"New kitchen thermometer deserves an A" says Jodie Jacobs in webb magazine DINING OUT – EATING IN. The ultimate kitchen thermometer from Professional Secrets is beginning to reach users around the globe...

"What I didn’t take into consideration was that the sensitive temperature point of the Professional Secrets thermometer was at the tip so I pushed it in too far when I first tried it out. But as I got used to handling it and reading its digital head on top I figured out the best depth in the breast and thigh.

My turkey was small and the thin metal probe is about four inches. The entire thermometer from probe tip to the top of the digital head is about nine inches. I also like that the reading is instant in Celsius and Fahrenheit.

Now I can hardly wait to use it on the roasts I will be doing this holiday season."

Read the full article in "Dining out – Eating in"

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