Chef's side towel

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    One of the chef's most useful tools

    • Excellent absorption
    • 100 percent high quality cotton
    • All white – easy to spot stains and easy to clean
    • Wash in 90°C (194°F)

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    The universal side towel

    In the hands of a professional chef a high quality kitchen towel becomes one of the most important and versatile tools in the kitchen, a “side towel”. It is used for drying, cleaning, insulating, gripping, covering...

    100% quality cotton

    For maximum absorptrion, a side towel needs to have been washed a couple of times. For the sake of superior absorption, PS side towel contains 100 percent cotton.

    The side towel should be white

    A chef’s side towel should be free from patterns, making it easy to see stains, objects, spices or anything else that might be lying on it. The weave needs to be grip-friendly and of high quality so that it does not develop bobbles or pilling after multiple washes.

    More sustainable than the dishcloth

    The dishclothes and sponges found in modern homes are (1) made of plastic that cannot be recycled and (2) quickly become unsanitary because they (3) collect dirt and pathogens from the entire kitchen. A stack of clean, high quality cotton side towels is both a more sustainable solution and a more hygienic solution.

    Tips from the pros included:

    With every product from professional Secrets comes a booklet with tips and knowledge on how to get the most out of your kitchen tool, like a pro. Some examples:

    • A side towel should be clean and dry and always within the chef’s reach.
    • A pro’s working day starts with a heap of folded, clean and dry side towels.
    • Use a side towel to dry, to clean, to grip (hot, cold, slippery, wet and sharp objects), to muffle, to isolate, to roll, to dampen, to protect, to crush ice, to strain, for cuts in an emergency, etc...


    Material: 100% cotton

    Dimensions: 500 x 700 mm, 270 gr/sqm (19,7 x 27,6", 0,06lb/sq ft)

    Washing instructions: 90°C (194°F)

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