PS spatula 285 mm

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    Flip it like a pro

    • Perfect angle leads drops of fat into the pan
    • A fine – but not sharp – edge slips under the food without damaging the pan
    • Flexible enough not to damage an egg, stable enough to lift a steak
    • Robust, tough and sustainable high quality material

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    One-piece spatula

    How much can you research and develop a frying spatula? A lot, it turns out. Optimizing this tool – also known as “turner” or “flipper” – is a matter of material, design, function, and some sharp insights.

    Fine – not sharp

    Professional Secrets' spatula is thin and supple with an extra fine and tapering finish. However, the outer edge is somewhat rounded to avoid the the steel being so sharp that it gets stuck in – or even damages – the protective layer in a broken-in steel frying pan.

    Only steel will do

    Stainless steel is a prerequisite for the right shape. It is flexible, tough, and relatively light. Plastic requires a much clumsier construction – and may release unwanted substances when heated.

    The right drip

    PS spatula rests snuggly on the edge of an ordinary frying pan. It is perfectly angled so that any dripping fat ends up in the pan, not outside. The handle is steady, comfortable, and heat resistant.

    Tips from the pros included:

    With every product from professional Secrets comes a booklet with tips and knowledge on how to get the most out of your kitchen tool, like a pro. Some examples:

    • Slip the spatula under morsels of food slightly from the side, like a pro.
    • A steel spatula needs a steel pan.
    • A thin edge is of essence, perfectly balanced between stability and flexibility.


    Material: Brushed stainless steel

    Dimensions: Total length 285 mm (11")

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