PS mise en place bowls

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    Get organized like a pro

    • Resistant to hard work in the kitchen, heat, cold and UV-light
    • High quality materials suitable for food
    • Air-tight lids for maximum hygiene and odour-free storage
    • Sizes customized for household fridges and needs

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    Mise en place – "everything in it's place"

    All professional cooks prepare by peeling and chopping their ingredients. For the sake of effectivity and hygiene these ingredients need to be sorted and close at hand in the work station. This is what constitutes a “mise en place”, French for, roughly, “everything in it’s place”.

    Tidiness, effectivity and storage

    PS mise en place bowls are suitable for preparations as well as storage. Made from stainless steel, they can go from cold to hot (or vice versa) without releasing unwanted substances. The lids are made from high quality silicone optimised for handling food.

    Perfect lunch boxes

    The attractive, stackable containers are also perfect as lunch boxes. Steel does not go in the microwave oven, but see it as an advantage: You get to eat on a plate which heightens your food experience.

    Tips form the pros included:

    With every product from professional Secrets comes a booklet with tips and knowledge on how to get the most out of your kitchen tool, like a pro. Some examples:

    • An unbeatable kitchen tool for order, effectivity and hygiene.
    • Facilitates the last, most stressful moments and makes cooking more enjoyable.
    • Also suitable for storage.


    Material: Bowl – brushed stainless steel, lid – transparent high quality silicone

    Material: Tray – brushed stainless steel

    2 Bowls – 183mm x 123mm, 0.85 liters (7,2" x 4,8", 0,9qt)
    2 Bowls – 123mm x 123mm 0.55 liters (4,8" x 4,8", 0,6qt)
    1 Tray – 335mm x 143mm (13,2" x 5,6")

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