PS frying pans – 28 cm and 32 cm 

Carbon steel frying pans are simple in construction – and that is the whole point. They last for generations and only get better with use.

No unwanted materials

Carbon steel, unlike Teflon and other non-stick surfaces, is not easily damaged by steel utensils. There is no risk of unwanted substances ending up in your food.

Improved handle

We have made the handle more comfortable than on common pans. It keeps the heat at bay, is easier on your hand, and gives you a more balanced one-hand grip. Gripping a pan using a side towel looks professional, but work is easier without one.

Timeless, functional design

This is what frying pans will look like when humans have colonized mars…

Book of frying pans included:

  • The right frying technique requires high heat. Professionals choose steel or cast iron.
  • The non-stick properties, if you take care of your pan, will only get better with time.
  • A large pan for a small morcel of food is fine, the opposite is not (for the sake of high and steady heat).

PS frying pans:

  • Improved oven-proof handle.
  • A sustainable choice for the owner as well as for the environment.
  • No risk of foreign substances in food.


Material: Carbon steel


Diameter top 320 mm

Diameter top 280 mm

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