The ultimate kitchen thermometer

What happens on a molecular lever when food is subjcted to heat – or cold – has to do with physics and chemistry. That's why, to make cooking a bit more of a science in the professional kitchen, the thermometer is one of the chef's most important tools.

In collaboration with pros

When we developed Chef's Essential Kit from Professional Secrets we were surprised that we were unable to find a perfect, purposeful price-worthy kitchen thermoemter for chefs and passionate home cooks. They were all either not good enough, or too expensive and not created for cooking in the first place.

That is why – it took us about three years  – we developed what we believe to be the ultimate kitchen thermometer, in close collaboration with outsanding chefs and outstanding designers. We call it "Perfect", for the following reasons:

Extremely thin probe

The industrial quality probe is extremely thin – only 1,2 mm/0,047 inches – and causes minimal damage to sensitive food. It is extra long, enabling measurements in large steaks, breads, etc.

Extremely fast and accurate

Cutting edge technology provides accurate readings within seconds. Slow removal of the probe will reveal temperatures throughout the food being measured.

Measures decimals

Decimals allow you to follow – in real time – the rise or fall in temperature. You can actually see where your cooking is heading.

Display on top

The display naturally faces the chef when measuring food in a pan, in an oven, in a fridge, in a bowl…

Always upright reading

The display flips, adapting to all chefs, in all kitchens, in all situations.

Celsius and Fahrenheit

Easy to switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit readings. See manual.

Protective sheath

The click-on sheath protects the thermometer – and not least the sensitive probe – when not in use. It also protects the chef from stains and is machine washable (the thermometer is not).

Water resistant and hygienic

Perfect is water resistant, allowing for effective, easy cleaning. However, do not wash in dishwasher or submerge under water for a long time.


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