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PS Chef's knives

Peek inside a chef’s knife hand and you will find a patch of calloused skin on the base of the index finger. That’s because of the “chef’s grip”, professional cooks hold a knife in such a manner that the index finger rubs against the upper edge of the blade.

Available knives:

  • Chef’s Knife Large - 32 cm
  • Chef’s Knife Small - 26 cm
  • Bread Knife - 37 cm  

Try the “chef’s grip”

This is an innovative secret behind our knives from PS: With the help of outstanding chefs and designers we were able to create a unique blade that spares index fingers during long working hours.

Ergonomic design

The rounded blade of the knife results in a smooth motion when chopping. There is no repeated, irritating “thunk” when the cutting motion is carried through.

The handle has a slight waist for better grip. The glass fiber material is heat resistant. The tapering design is not only atractive, it eliminates potential “dirt traps”.

Softer steel is more forgiving if you should happen to cut into bone or to bend the blade, but harder steel can be honed to greater sharpness and will stay sharp for longer. The steel in PS knives is medium hard, 56-58 HRC. 

Sandvik steel

The blade of the knife is made from Sandvik ® SanEdge™ high quality steel. Different chefs have different preferences, but hardness 56-58 HRC can be said to be optimal for all-round kitchen work.

Tips from the pros:

  • Let the weight of the knife do most of the job when chopping.
  • Make it a habit to use the honing steel regularly.
  • A professional cook would not even consider working with a blunt knife.

PS knives

  • A unique handle created for “the chef’s grip”.
  • Designed in Sweden, made of Sandvik Steel. Optimal hardness for all-round kitchen work.
  • The canvas sheath protects the knife as well as surrounding objects.


  • Material blade - Sandvik ® SanEdge™ Steel, 56-58 HRC
  • Material handle – Glass fiber 
  • Material sheath – Canvas

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