Bear, boar and small game - Wild rabbit
Bear, boar and small game


Rabbits come from the same family as hares but are smaller and mostly nocturnal. Wild rabbits grow up to 45 centimeters long and weigh a couple of kilos.

Keep in mind

There isn’t much meat on a wild rabbit and you’ll get about a kilo per animal if you’re lucky. Make sure you’ve got enough to go round when inviting guests to dinner.

The meat is lighter than that of a hare and both the mild flavor and the consistency mean that rabbit is similar to chicken. Replacing ordinary chicken with wild rabbit in a recipe often works well.

How to cook wild rabbit

Slow-cook a whole rabbit, French-style: Cut up your rabbit – it isn’t very different from butchering a chicken. Brown it and cook with fried onion, garlic, bacon, wine, thyme and chicken stock for an hour or two. Then remove the rabbit and turn the juices into a mustard sauce by adding cream – and mustard. Return the rabbit to the pan and enjoy.

Or make a Spanish paella, replacing the chicken with small pieces of rabbit – apparently this was the original recipe.

You’ll find more ideas for cooking small game under cooking game.

The classic

Saffron paella with rabbit, chorizo and blue mussels.

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