How to cook sweetbread

Category: Inspiring | Skrivet: Sep 23, 2018


"Sweetbread" is the name given to glands in the throat and in the belly of suckling calves and lambs. We asked a couple of professional chefs about their best secrets on how to cook it.

A few tips on how to cook sweetbread

  • Fry the sweetbread in slices or prepare in a creamy stew. The supply is often limited, so always order in advance. Calculate 50 to maximum 100 gr per person. 
  • Trim the sweetbread carefully from membranes.
  • The sweetbread may not win a meat beauty contest so the presentation is of great importance. Fried and/or breaded sweetbread should have a beautiful, golden surface. It should be well done, but still juicy.

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