Veal - Sweetbread
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This "cut" is actually a gland located in the throat and/or belly of suckling calves and is regarded as a delicacy. It is fried in slices and can also be prepared in a creamy stew. The texture is soft and it has a milky taste.

Keep in mind

The supply is often limited, so always order in advance. Calculate 50 to maximum 100 gr per person. Sweetbread is sensitive and should not be unnecessarily stored, but instead prepared immediately.

How to cook sweetbread

Creamed or breaded sweetbread is a classic appetizer, which should be served in small portions. Trim the sweetbread carefully from membranes.

Presentation is of great importance. Fried and/or breaded sweetbread should have a beautiful, golden surface. It should be well done, but juicy.

You can also serve sweetbread as an accessory to other cuts of veal.

The classic

Double breaded sweetbread.

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