Veal - Veal chuck
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In some countries there has been an upsurge of public opinion against slaughtering such young animals. Lack of popularity is also driven by price because of the high cost of breeding young animals only for their meat.

Keep in mind

Chuck of veal is sometimes sold as meat for stews; calculate 100 to 125 gr per person.

How to cook chuck of veal

The fine, mild tastes in chuck from veal (many chefs think that veal delivers too little taste to be worth the relatively high price) is suitable for more careful seasoning than chuck of beef. Classic home cooking recipes often suggest mild flavors: Creamy sauces and low-key spices such as dill, sage and white pepper.

The classic

Fricassee of veal. Boil veal and vegetables in broth and add cream and egg yolk.

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