Veal - Minced veal


Ordinary veal mince is used for veal patties and quenelles. Mince for veal burger should be leaner and ground two to three times, often from veal steaks.

Keep in mind

Preferably blend different types of mince to achieve a bigger and richer taste. For example, make meatballs of two-thirds beef mince, some pork mince and some veal mince.

How to cook minced veal

Veal mince has a mild taste and is lean (especially if it is made from one of the veal steaks) and needs added fat, for example cream. Chill the mince before mixing with seasoning so that the batter keeps its ground structure and does not become dense and dull.

The classic

The Swedish chef suggests veal burger with mashed potatoes, green peas and crushed lingon berries.

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