Veal - Veal brisket
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Can be available with or without the bone and needs to be prepared over a long time as it contains muscles with varying hardness. It can also be roasted slowly on low heat in the oven, and braised to make veal roulades.

Keep in mind

In Italy, you can ask the butcher to cut a pocket between the meat and the bone, which you then fill with seasoning of your choice.

How to cook veal brisket

If you are not using the fatty meat for a rich stew, you can use this flat cut to form a "roll" filled with flavors and cooked in the oven. Fill the brisket roll with typical, juicy, aromatic, sweet, sour and salt seasoning from the Italian kitchen. Slow roast in the oven on low heat.

The classic

Stuffed with Mediterranean herbs, veal mince and air-dried ham. Serve with butter-fried polenta.

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