Veal - Veal shoulder
Where on animal


These pieces have a longer cooking time than other cuts of the veal, but they deliver more taste. They are excellent for casseroles and ragous thanks to the wonderful falavors and smooth mouth-feel from the collagen, fat, bone and marrow.

Keep in mind

Consider the bone a bonus. Calculate 100 to 125 gr per person without the bone, 200 gr with the bone.

How to cook neck and clod of veal

You can cut clod without the bone in slices to cook piccata, even if the recipe traditionally is made with the veal tenderloin.

This meat is relatively rich in collagen and fat and is therefore often used for minced veal.

All meat from this part of the animal – which is still milder and more tender than beef – is suitable for stews.

The classic

A Swedish classic: Dill meat.

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