Salt water fish - Wrasse
Salt water fish


A distant relative of the perch. A fish from the wrasse family can be recognized by its fat, protruding lips. The body is high and compact. The scales are large and marbled in red, green and brown depending on the living environment and life cycle.

The fish can weigh more than 3 kg but half a kilo is a common size.

Fish facts

This is a fish that lives in coastal waters caught using sport fishing methods which means it doesn’t often turn up at the fishmongers. Species include ballan wrasse, cuckoo wrasse, green wrasse and brown wrasse.

How to cook wrasse

The sweetish flesh is good in soups.

Beautiful fish this size can always be roasted or baked in foil and served on the table as they are. Set the oven to 175°C (any higher and the butter will burn) and be lavish with butter, lemon and fresh herbs and spices. Good vegetables in the parcel are asparagus, sugar snap peas, leek and spring onions.

Remember that the fish will be cooked more quickly than most of the other things.

The classic

A fish soup based on stock from blue mussels – which live in roughly the same coastal environments as the wrasse.

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