Salt water fish - Whiting
Salt water fish


A fish in the cod family which can be identified by the fact that adults have no barbels and the way the three dorsal fins have combined into two. It is similar to haddock but is smaller and doesn’t have the dark mark above the breast fins. A whiting has an overbite and a pointed nose.

Fish facts

Easily confused with haddock.

How to cook whiting

A good eating fish with roughly the same characteristics as cod, despite being smaller. The beautiful, white flesh easily falls apart, making it suitable for mincing, cooking au gratin, and for coating which makes it easer to handle.

A whiting fillet is often relatively small and thin. If you simply rub the fish with salt an hour/half an hour before cooking, you get almost the same effect as soaking larger pieces, e.g. of cod, in brine.

Whiting is best from September to April. It is best fresh but is also sold sun-dried, salted, smoked and deep frozen.

The classic

Coated, fried and with a quickly made sauce of anchovies, cream and chives.

Conservation status:

Whiting has yellow status.

 [KL1]Note that the Swedish text here says ”kolja” not ”vitling”

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