Salt water fish - Spiny dogfish
Salt water fish


Spiny dogfish is a type of shark. It has an elongated body and grey, sometimes white, spots on the sides. There is a powerful barb in front of each dorsal fin. The female is the largest and can weigh up to 10 kg.

Fish facts

Spiny dogfish is often sold skinned. If it isn’t, watch out for the barbs in front of each dorsal fin.

The flesh needs to be stored properly. Ideally spiny dogfish should be kept on ice and whole fish keep longer than ready-sliced cutlets.

How to cook spiny dogfish

The flesh is pink and lean and works well grilled or fried.

This fish is popular around the Mediterranean. Pick your herbs and spices accordingly.

Don’t eat the skin.

The classic

Grilled spiny dogfish cutlets with aioli. Or tzatziki.

Conservation status:

Fishing spiny dogfish is permitted despite the fact that most researchers are currently strongly opposed to all shark fishing.

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