Salt water fish - Bonito
Salt water fish


Bonito is a smaller relative of tuna that sometimes turns up at the fish counter. What all fish in the tuna family have in common is solid, tasty flesh that’s perfect for the barbecue.

Fish facts

Bonito is sometimes used as a substitute for skipjack tuna. Pelamid is a close relative.

How to cook bonito

Flakes of dried, smoked fish, katsuobushi, used to add flavor in Japanese cuisine are made of bonito.

Bonito can be treated as tuna, but the size of the fish means you need to come up with slightly different solutions on the barbecue and on the plate. It works well as cutlets.

The internal temperature mustn’t exceed 40°C. The center can stay at about 31°C.

The classic

Grilled with flavors and accompaniments from warmer climes, such as mango, black beans, chili, lime and coriander.

Conservation status:

Bonito has green, yellow or red status depending on the fishing method and place of origin.

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