Salt water fish - Atlantic pomfret
Salt water fish


Atlantic pomfret has a short, flat body and flattened face. It has just one dorsal fin and the tail fin is V-shaped. A pomfret can weigh up to 6 kg and is found in the warm waters of the Atlantic Ocean, Indian Ocean and the South Pacific.

Fish facts

In appearance the Atlantic pomfret looks like the Dorada family, but has an underbite and a slightly flatter body.

How to cook Atlantic pomfret

An attractive portion-sized fish, the Atlantic pomfret works well in an aromatic foil parcel opened on the plate after a while in the oven. You can treat it like a perch. Or draw inspiration for flavors from the Mediterranean, West Indies or Asia.

The classic

Cook whole in a mix of olive oil and butter.

Conservation status:

Unknown. Professional Secrets will let you know once we’ve found out ourselves.

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