Salt water fish - Porbeagle
Salt water fish


Porbeagle has a compact body shape. The tail and dorsal fins are high and pointed and can be seen above the water when it is hunting herring and mackerel on the surface. Its back is blue-grey and belly golden white.

A porbeagle can weigh almost 300 kg.

Fish facts

Also known as mackerel shark.

The porbeagle is faring badly in the world’s seas. At the moment it’s best to pick something else.

How to cook porbeagle

The flesh is pink and reminiscent of veal. It can be used to replace tuna in many recipes. Grill good-looking thick cuts.

Shark meat needs to be stored properly. Keep a watchful eye on the cold chain.

Don’t eat the skin.

The classic

Grilled porbeagle in a salad with Asian dressing.

Conservation status:

On the red list.

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