Salt water fish - Garfish
Salt water fish


This fish is related to mackerel and is easy to recognize by its elongated body and long “beak”. Its back is green and its sides shining silver. A garfish can be a meter long and weigh 1.5 kg.

Fish facts

Another name for garfish is sea needle and it is most commonly seen at fishmongers in the spring. The skeleton is green due to a completely harmless pigment called biliverdin – it has no effect on the taste.

How to cook garfish

This great-tasting fish doesn’t need any extras. It’s thought to be best boiled, or, even better, cold poached.

Another option is to fry it in cream with a little onion, pepper and parsley. Balance out the flavors with acidity, e.g. lemon or vinegar.

Smoked garfish is also an option if you have the means.

The classic

Cold poached in simmering water, vinegar, salt, pepper, a bay leaf, carrot, onion and dill. Serve cold.

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