Salt water fish - Greenland halibut
Salt water fish


This elongated flatfish can weigh up to 45 kg and is related to the halibut, a considerably larger fish. Calling it a halibut increases its sales potential.

Fish facts

Can also be found as the Greenland turbot.

How to cook Greenland halibut

A cheaper alternative to halibut, but the flesh is not quite as firm or tasty. You don’t get as solid, chunky pieces that work well on the grill either.

It’s better to treat Greenland halibut like sole than like its big relative halibut. Use it in a luxurious pie as the attractive fillets will work well there.

Thicker pieces of fillet go well in soups – but remember the cooking time is short, even with large pieces of fish.

Greenland halibut is available all year round.

The classic

Fish pie. Maybe a luxurious version with crayfish tails and pecorino cheese.

Conservation status:

MSC-labelled fish have green status. Otherwise Greenland halibut has red or yellow status.

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