Salt water fish - Alaska pollock
Salt water fish


The Pacific’s equivalent to cod, although it’s more closely related to Atlantic or European pollock or lythe. The catch is often prepared on the fishing boat as soon as it is caught and then transported across the globe in frozen form.

Fish facts

The fish caught in the North Atlantic is known as just pollock, or lythe.

How to cook Alaska pollock

In the British Isles this fish is popularly used in fish & chips – ideally caught the same day. Deep fry it in batter, which helps keep it together. The crispy batter and the fat boost the flavor of this great-tasting fish.

Some of the – usually – deep-frozen fish you find sold under this name around the world will probably work better in fish pie.

The roe are considered a delicacy.

The classic

Try a lovely, creamy fish pie. Fried mushrooms and a little cream always add flavor.

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