Salt water fish - Marlin/swordfish
Salt water fish


These cousins to tuna and mackerel are the fastest swimmers in the sea as far as we know. The biggest examples (which have unfortunately become very rare) can weigh several hundred kilos and grow to several meters long.

Fish facts

There are several species of marlin, with blue marlin being the biggest. The swordfish is a close relative.

How to cook marlin

Marlin and swordfish have a delicate flesh reminiscent of tuna. Brush it with a thin layer of oil just before it lands on the hot griddle.

It needs a high temperature, otherwise the flesh will go mushy.

The flesh should not be allowed to reach more than 40°C, aim for a pink center at around 31°C. The skin isn’t eaten. Remove it after grilling.

The classic

Quickly grilled. Serve with avocado salad and fried plantain.

Conservation status:

On the red list.

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