Salt water fish - Pollock/lythe
Salt water fish


A fish very similar to its cousin cod, but smaller and without the barbels.

Fish facts

European pollock is often just known as ”pollock” but shouldn’t be confused with Alaska pollock which is a Pacific Ocean fish. It’s a popular fish for fish & chips in the UK.

Easily confused with saithe.

How to cook pollock

This is a small fish but can replace cod in most recipes. It can be boiled, fried – ideally coated – or baked. It responds well to steaming.

The fillets tend to be relatively small and thin. If you rub the fish with salt an hour/half an hour before cooking, you get almost the same effect as soaking larger pieces (e.g. of cod) in brine.

The classic

If the fish is fresh: Fish & chips.

Conservation status:

MSC labelled fish has green status, otherwise yellow.

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