Salt water fish - Snapper
Salt water fish


Snapper is an umbrella name for a number of perch-related fish that differ in size and appearance. They are spindle-shaped fish of prey with sharp teeth.

Fish facts

Red snapper can be a meter long and is one of the largest fish in the family.

How to cook snapper

The flesh is a light pink color and has a tendency to fall apart. You get a better result if you cook the fish with the skin on.

Don’t over-complicate things. The easiest, and most attractive, way of cooking this beautiful fish is whole in the oven, before giving it pride of place on the table. Aioli is an ideal accompaniment.

The classic

Make several deep cuts on both sides of the whole fish. Before putting it into the oven at 175°C and cooking to an internal temperature of about 50°C, finely chop some of the following flavor combinations and mix into a paste to be rubbed into the fish:

Asian: Coriander, ginger, spring onion, garlic, sesame oil.
Mediterranean: Parsley, capers, garlic, red pepper, olive oil.
West Indian: Ginger, garlic, serrano ham, thyme, allspice, neutral oil.

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