Salt water fish - Halibut
Salt water fish


A large flatfish that can weigh over 300 kg. It is long and thin and can be recognized by its large mouth and concave tail fin, but at the fishmongers you tend to find this giant cut into smaller pieces. Between 20 and 30 kg is a “normal” caught weight.

Fish facts

A fish in the right-eye flounder family. Found in the North Atlantic and North Pacific.

The name "halibut" sells and is sometimes used for fish that are not quite as firm and tasty.

How to cook halibut

The firm, white, sliced flesh makes (genuine) halibut one of the best tasting fish there is. Its meaty consistency makes it ideal for grilling or frying.

Brush the fish with oil before grilling. Chunky steaks can finish cooking in the residual heat, otherwise the flesh dries out easily. Check the temperature and don’t let it go over 52°C.

The skin is too thick to eat. Halibut is good and available all year round.

The classic

Grilled (vertical) cutlets. The griddle needs to be hot to produce the attractive and great-tasting stripes.

Conservation status:

Only MSC-labelled fish have green status. Other halibut is red or yellow.

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